Gods Of Lyric


I’ve been turned inside out for
So long I’ve forgotten what I
Look like

The inward me is no longer
But conforms to a mirrored
Image I used to see
She’s happy to have been
Turned soul-ward safe from

But the Other She keeps
Asking-sometimes imploring:

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Originally from Misconceptions of Time

Gods Of Lyric


Tell me your name
while you wander, aimless,
searching for the letters
to describe your face.
but the truth is so restless
and your shadow is upon you.

So give me the answers
that you cannot give yourself;
where is the auburn magic
that you so carefully professed
between smiles in a morning

Originally from En búsqueda del Lugar Donde el Sol se Esconde

Gods Of Lyric


Have you ever suffocated asphyxiation?
Have you ever touched the indentations
Of indignation?
Where words were once so gracious
A slender
Of sweet surrender
Inhaled the scent of joy and jubilation
Have you ever made love to forever?
Have you ever kissed Jupiter?

Originally from Poetically Profound

Gods Of Lyric


1. Denial
Is an ocean they mistook
For a river in the crooks and
crevices of Egypt.

It is a slithering snake of mistakes
Creeping in the space
between your sanity

He is still here.
Breathing beneath my bones,
He is still here.

2. Anger
I found a shattered vase on the floor
That wasn’t…

Originally from A Monsoon of Words

Honey and Hedonistic…


Honeyed and hedonistic
fingers find flowers 
drenched with dew. Desiring
to dip themselves into fragrances
that satisfy the scent of sexuality. 
Two fingers spread petals to find
a solitary budding of sensuality,
a perched pearl, settled into 
pink and pulsing pillows. 
Fingers trade places with tongue
and the tickled pearl pleads for
pleasure pauses as
deliciously delectable dialect
surfaces in melodious moans and
half-spoken prayers to God.
How hungry flowers can sometimes be.  

Originally from Deliciously Tasteless

let’s sit


and watch
the candle die
like us—
bright lights
which flicker
burning the breath
of moments
hardly realized—
a only few uncounted
and eternity 

Originally from JAMIE SUE AUSTIN

Gods Of Lyric


When darkness swallows the sun

And vomits the moon in full bloom…

You’ll Find me there…

Self eclipsed in velvety mist,

“Neath gossamer rays of lullabying moon

Where no longitude or latitude can guide you there…

Only silence between your atoms, can bring you here…


So find me…

Originally from Ramaatis

Gods Of Lyric


We saw loop after loop
of faces and ideologies:
sanctuaries, cacophonies,
for what are spoken rules
but prancing unicorns
and swords in shadows

tell me what to follow,
I will walk the other way
I do not know what to do
you do not know what to say
and we are aiming for greatness
the deepest…

Originally from En búsqueda del Lugar Donde el Sol se Esconde

The Sweet Liberty of Feelings


They hush my tears

To their song of wisdom

I laughed I danced

to their sanguine rhythm

In the silence of the ocean

Bathed in the morning sun

As darkness blankets the earth

And lulls the world

upon the night’s cradle

Their bubbly melody trembles

My dance slowed in weariness

The memories tainted black

Drowned deep beyond recognition

Emerge with a surge of desolation

Words they can no more fathom

For  silence will be my companion

Tears running serene

Upon my lips

they tasted of freedom. 

Originally from Above Heart's Whisper

Gods Of Lyric


You said you would sing me
to the moon and back,
spinning me through the stars
before plunging deep into the ocean
memorizing every crevice
every chasm
of that beautiful mystery
we pretend to know everything about.

The leaves of your voice
flutter down
whispering the…

Originally from I Write To Know That I Am Alive